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Why TMG Nutrition?

Team up with our Registered Dietitians to create a nutrition action plan. We curate Nutrition Consultations, Workshops and Culinary Events and tailor the topics to fit your company's needs. Dietitians are the go-to experts for nutrition communication and long-term healthy change.

Nourished employees are productive employees. Research shows balanced blood sugar and a diet rich in antioxidants can help a person stay focused and more creative. Ensure your employees are equipped to fuel themselves. 

When so many chronic diseases are prevented or delayed through a healthy lifestyle, it's too costly to skip nutrient. TMG expert dietitians support employees for lasting change and disease risk reduction. 

A TMG Registered Dietitian can create a nutrition movement in your company from the top down. From healthy meeting guidelines and snack areas, to individual consults and special events. 

Nutrition Solutions

Nutrition Workshops

TMG Workshops educate and equip participants to make healthy changes to their nutrition plan. Our Dietitians translate nutrition research into everyday tips and strategies. Topics are timely and diverse, from Building Grain Bowls to Maximizing Energy to Specialized Diets.

Culinary Nutrition

Cooking skills are instrumental to a lasting, healthy lifestyle. Our creative food demos and team-building cook alongs will increase kitchen know-how and provide participants with recipes and tips, inspiring confidence to plan and create their own nutrient-dense meals.

Nutrition Support

The McCahill Group's RDs are trained to decipher nutrition information, presenting facts in relatable and meaningful ways. Their personal and realistic approach makes it fun. It's not enough to say "eat more vegetables." TMG's Dietitian consults and support creates change that lasts.

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Real wellness is not a fad. With support and skill-building, healthy living can be a lasting reality.

Our 8-week hybrid nutrition & lifestyle program designs a healthy life that fits into the everyday. REAL Nutrition creates lasting change through weekly dietitian-led classes, virtual content, engagement and support. 

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Build confidence

with nutrition


Understanding nutrition is step one. Step two is 

having the confidence to take action. 

Our Registered Dietitians understand time is as precious as health. Nutrition Workshops will inspire a call to action for your employees through the shared experience and comradery. TMG brings the perfect combination of serious education and personable fun.

Feature Workshops

Focus on Flavor: Making Healthy, Delicious Meals 

Gone are the days of salt and sugar. Healthy food can be flavored in healthy ways, including herbs, spices, citrus and other produce items. Get the how-to in this cooking-focused presentation. Recipes included!

MORE Workshops

Nutrition Essentials

Feel confident about nutrition basics and inspired to make healthier choices with an engaging research overview and ideas for small changes to start today. 

Transcending Diet Culture

One thing never changes: There’s always a diet craze ruling the headlines. Learn what stacks up through research, and how to stop the resist-shame cycle. 

Meal Plan Foundations

Nutrition knowledge is half the battle! Putting a plan into action can be challenging, but with RD-approved tips and tricks it can become routine. 

Sustainable Nutrition 

Our foods choices impact our carbon footprint. Learn how to simultaneously max out nutrition and minimize the environmental impact of your plate. 

Better Your Breakfast

Breakfast kicks off the day…why not do it right? Learn how to build a better breakfast: nutrient-dense and sure to satisfy while supporting energy and your metabolism. 

Kick Cravings to the Curb

Cravings a clue that something is off. Find out how you can adjust your choices to impact cravings, especially for sugar and processed carbs.  


Culinary Nutrition

for Every Cook

Design Your Own Experience.

Lunch and Learns are cancelled. Let our Dietitians bring the fun and the flavor with our kitchen-centric educational classes. You choose: Live. Virtual. Interactive. Recorded. 

Taking charge of your meal plan requires nutrition knowledge, and more importantly, skill in the kitchen. Our dietitians build confidence and instill inspiration for healthy meals. Explore our ready-made culinary classes or reach out to discover all the possibilities on the, ahem, plate. 

Build Your Own Grain Bowl

Launch into the delicious, and nutritious, world of veggie-packed grain bowls. 

Healthier Taco Theme Night

Overhaul taco night for a fiber-rich and flavorful version to be proud of.

Plant-Based Power Proteins

Make the shift toward a more plant-based diet with this action-based class.


Behavior change requires support, and the diet

can be a key missing piece to an individuals optimized health and performance.


Access to a Registered Dietitian brings value to

your wellness program. Support employees as

they establish healthy food habits, navigate food allergies and manage chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. 

Raise the bar

with one on one consultations

Preparing Food

Preparing Food

















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Add a Title

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Comprehensive Nutrition Support

In-depth and personalized consultations can support individuals in every stage of change to create lasting results. 

From education and accountability to special diet management and disease risk reduction, our RD's are the trained nutrition professionals for the job. 


QUick nutrition consults

Quick consult events bring a Registered Dietitian to your employees for efficient goals setting and action-based plans. 

Quick consult events bring a Registered Dietitian to your employees, on-site or virtually, for efficient goals setting and action-based plans. 

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