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Redefining Health in the Workplace

WELLNESS solutions FOr unique cultures

The McCahill Group offers more than a turn-key
approach to corporate health & wellness.


the Total

Leaders in innovative

Health & Wellness

It takes personality to improve workplace wellbeing.

With TMG as your partner in wellness, your cutting-edge program will create a wellness culture that thrives. Our customized programs are curated by TMG's bright and relatable team members, real people with real passion. Inspiration is key to lasting change.

A different approach 

drives outcomes that matter

Women Colleagues

Are you a Human Resource Hero?

Human Resource Teams and Benefits Managers are leading the movement in the workplace and don't have to go it alone. We understand the struggle is real and we're giving a shout out to the people behind the scenes. 
  • Your plate is full and growing daily

  • Complaints more frequent than compliments

  • Open Enrollment is always right around the corner

  • You want your team to succeed

  • Wellness programming is one of your many hats


Let TMG share the load and bring your wellness program the recognition it deserves. 

ONE mission one group

The difference between big box wellness programs and one you can trust is the people behind them. 

Our team members' diverse backgrounds and skill sets impact every connection.


We recognize a passing trend and a valuable, evidence-based intervention are different.

Not getting worse is not enough. We set the stage for changes today.




Originality creates success, not imitation. Our unique on-demand options are fresh.


Dream big. Make your vision of a healthier future a reality.

Great Companies Commit to Employee WellBeing

We are proud to have worked with these distinctive organizations and many others to provide impactful wellness solutions that provide inspiring results and positive change in health, fitness, lifestyle & wellbeing

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