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Invest in Wellness for a Bright Future

Value the lives of your team with a customized program built to create a positive impact.


Your Mission

Improve the lives of your workforce through creating a culture of health and wellness within your unique organization



Provide a best in class wellness program that offers programs specifically designed to improve overall well-being



Create positive return on your investment through cost avoidance and productive employees that know you care

Partner with our experts to achieve the results you deserve.

Trust in the Process to Build Your Best Program


Custom Program Vision

Design a Strategy

That Fits

Create a Customized Program that is Strategically Designed to Fit Your Vision


Your company is unique. Shouldn't your wellness program strategy be, too?

Through our unique consulting process developed over 35 years of experience, we know the steps it takes to create an award winning workplace program. Every company is different and we take pride in our consulting work with organizations of all sizes (and budgets) to help them create a one-of-a-kind wellness program that creates a positive impact for years to come.

Learn & Assess Your Culture

Show Us Your

True Colors

Expert Assessment

Process Designed to Understand Unique Needs & Opportunities


Strategic wellness plan

Create Your Custom Approach

Finalize the Action Plan with Immediate Impact & Long-Term Results

program implementation


Launch the Program with a Mission & Purpose



Monitor and achieve goals

Watch Your

Culture Shift

Your Expert Partner to Create Positive Change and Improve Long-Term Results

Expert Assessment Process Designed to Understand Unique Needs & Opportunities

  • Review Current / Past Wellness Initiatives

  • Tour Primary Locations

  • Evaluate Workplace Environment & Cultural Analysis

  • Partner with Human Resources & Benefits Partners

  • Review Insurance Plan Structure

  • Analyze Claim Data & Employee Health Profile

  • Distribute Wellness Readiness & Interest Surveys

  • Conduct One on One Employee Interviews

Create a Customized Program that is Strategically Designed to Fit Your Vision

  • Design/Update Wellness Program Brand

  • Construct Wellness Program Vision & Mission

  • Identify Specific Key Goals & Objectives

  • Determine Incentive Options & Goals for Engagement 

  • Develop Results Tracking System with Specific Metrics

  • Finalize Program Delivery Methods


Custom Program Vision and Design




Plan Creation

Finalize the Plan of Action with a Comprehensive Plan Built for You

  • Generate New Strategic Wellness Plan

  • Define Annual Calendar of Events

  • Determine Program Management Roles

  • Shape Marketing / Communication Structure

  • Establish Wellness Challenges & Program Features

  • Plan Health Education Topics & Delivery

  • Recommend Additional Options & Offerings

  • Outline Strategy for Future 2-3 Year Program Evolution

Implement Your Plan with Expert Assistance to Ensure the Launch is a Success

  • Launch Program "Kick Off" Event and/or Communication

  • Introduce Wellness Specialist Support Team

  • Coordinated & Consistent Communication Strategy

  • Educate Employees on Wellness Program Vision, Goals

  • Promote New Well-Being Offerings & Incentives

  • Troubleshoot Potential "Hurdles" in Engagement

  • Report Quarterly to Leadership & Wellness Committee


Successful Program Implementation


Achieve Goals to Shift Your Culture

Your Expert Partner to Create Positive Change and Improve Long-Term Results

  • Consistently Track Program Progress & Results

  • Analyze Value Metrics & Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Gather Crucial Employee Feedback to Support Growth

  • Improve & Increase Program Offerings

  • Overcome Engagement Issues & Increase Internal Support

  • Engage Senior Leadership & Increase Internal Support

  • Publicize Program to Boost Company Appeal & Recognition

  • Focus on Continuous Long-Term Program Improvement 

Keyboard and Mouse

Custom is king

With TMG as your partner in wellness, you can ensure your that program is delivering the desired results. TMG can either assist your current Wellness Coordinator with the overall management of the wellness program or provide an expert Wellness Specialist to work on-site at your company and seamlessly integrate into the unique culture of the organization to guarantee your program meets its objectives.

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