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Taking Notes

Expert Health Coaching

TMG expert health and lifestyle coaches take time to understand each clients goals to motivate and encourage their journey.

Wellness Coaching

Establishing a relationship with a health coach is one of the most effective ways to hold people accountable and keep them motivated to reach their goals. TMG Health Coaching is customized to meet the desired goal of the participant and improves a participant’s overall health and wellness. Detailed action plans, individually tailored, are key to success in optimal health. 


Individual and small group health coaching are available via on-site meetings, scheduled telephone calls and/or through an online wellness platform. 

  • Lifestyle Coaching

  • Health Behavioral Coaching  (High Risk Coaching, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, ect)

  • Nutritional Guidance & Weight Management Coaching

  • Exercise Coaching & Personal Training

  • Worksite Safety & Injury Prevention Training

  • Lean Leadership Program

  • Fit Breaks

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